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Territorio Artlanza is the life-size recreation of a Castilian town, from medieval times to the last century, built from scratch, by a single person and with recycled materials. The builder is Félix Yáñez, who worked as a potter and spent 30 years selling his sculptures at fairs in Castilla y León and other parts of the country.

In 2008 there was a recession in Spain and the sale of ceramics stopped working. His workshop was previously built here in 2002, and until 2006 he was decorating the workshop surroundings with his father and father-in-law. Before dedicating himself to ceramic, he helped his father, who was a bricklayer, so he learned construction with him. This decoration consisted of some walls, some arches and a small square with 5 facades,  which aroused the interest of the clients who came to his workshop. So he thought that this could be a new chance for work and he decided to expand it on his own, looking for the materials in the dumps of the surrounding villages. And the effect was as the one caused from a snowball, the more he built, the more people came to see it... and until today, which carries on occupying his father-in-law's land. But not all the town are facades, many tools and utensils have also been found in the dumps, which is the reason why he has also been able to build about 15 small thematic museums along the entire route. In addition, the space has 2 small theaters where theatrical performances are carried out during summer months.

In the last part of the journey, the town decreases in size and gains color, because since the COVID pandemic from this point forward, he is building a place for the younger children.

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